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WSID$ and WSID return a two or three digit Workstation ID. On multi-user systems, this variable is helpful in keeping separate the files and printouts from different workstations, as is Session$.

Comments and Examples

00010 PRINT #255,USING 20: WSID$, DATE$
00020 FORM "workstation: ",C 2," Date: ",C 8

Lines 10 and 20 illustrate putting WSID$ and DATE$ as identifying information on a printed report.

Technical Considerations

  1. workstation IDs can also be accessed through another notation for use in file names. This alternate notation is [WSID] and is often easier to use in procedures.
  2. For example, FREE WORK[WSID]. It is also useful in OPEN statements.
  3. WSID$ can only be set when BR32.exe is launched, by use of a command line parameter or (more commonly) a WSID specification in BRConfig.sys.