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The WorkPath config specification identifies a path location to be used for the Business Rules! Workfile. This was useful for directing the work path to a RAM disk.

Work File Naming

(4.2+)Work files other than EDIT work files have the same names they have in the past except their WSID also includes the SESSION ID digit and they are subject to the following WORKPATH enhancement:

  1. The fullpath portion of the existing WORKPATH statement is now optional.
  2. A second optional parameter is supported: [LOGIN_NAME] (case insensitive). This causes all work files (other that EDIT files) to be in the format filenameSESSIONID.login_name.suffix

For example:


Note that SESSIONID is retained and login_name is inserted with an extra period.

    WORKPATH  [LOGIN_NAME]     (just specify workfile name inclusion)
              - or -
    WORKPATH  C:\MYAPP\TMP  [LOGIN_NAME]    (workpath plus name inclusion) 

Files that are affected by WORKPATH: • BRSPOOL - client spool files • WBSPL - server spool files • PDF • SORT workfiles • INDEX workfiles • Other temporary workfiles that have been opened with wsid

EDIT work file names are not subject to WORKPATH name specifications. They also do not include WSID or SESSION. BR keeps workfiles separate for the same program name located in different directories, but does NOT attempt to separate multiple EDITing sessions either by the same user or different users.


  • WorkPath is not available for use with Config (command).
  • WorkPath drivename:\\directory where files will be processed