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The WorkStack specification allows you to change the size of the work stack, which keeps track of temporary variables that are passed and localized during user- defined function calls, concatenations, or complex expressions.

Checking Values

The following environmental variables may be used to check your workstacks during a BR! session.


Also the command STATUS STACKS shows the current stack settings.


Start-up Default

WorkStack 500000 (version 4.3+)


"Integer" is a whole number that represents the number of bytes that the work stack may contain. It must be greater than 499 and may be arbitrarily high (e.g. up to 99 million bytes).

Technical Considerations

  1. WorkStack may be specified only in the BRConfig.sys file; it is not valid with the Config command.
  2. The amount of stack memory available depends upon several variables. You may need to monitor your memory usage to determine the optimal stack size for your needs.