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Workstation Basic is the former name of Business Rules! See the History.

Workstation Basic was created in 1981 by a small group of programmers, to run programs on PCs that were originally written in the old IBM System/23 Basic language to run on Mainframes.

Workstation Basic is still maintained and supported today, under the name of Business Rules (abbreviated as BR).

The latest versions of Business Rules can still run IBM System/23 programs today, on modern operating systems, in network environments, with full support for modern printers, and even Web Applications.

If you have old software that runs in Workstation Basic and you're looking for more information about it, or what you can do to support it, or want to run your programs on modern computers and operating systems and on modern printers, you've come to the right place.

To see pictures of Workstation Basic programs, or pictures of the Workstation Basic Licensing Screen, to try to get an idea if the old software you have is Workstation Basic, check out the Workstation Basic Museum at

The Business Rules Wiki is what you're looking at. It contains detailed information on every aspect of the Business Rules / Workstation Basic language.

Go to the Main Page to get started.

There is also a Business Rules Forum, where you can find help and detailed answers to your questions.

Business Rules today is maintained and supported by Business Rules Corp, owned and operated by one of the original creators of the language in 1981.

One of several companies which exist to help Workstation Basic developers is Sage AX. This company enables people to bring their Workstation Basic software into the 21st century. If you need help with programs that run in Workstation Basic, Sage AX can help.

For more information you can visit the old Workstation Basic / Business Rules page.