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Dealers are entitled to ten-year volume purchase discounts on Business Rules! and ODBC license fees. While all purchases (including version upgrades) are included in the dealer cumulative purchase basis, discounts only apply to primary license fees and user increases:

Ten Year Dollar Volume Discount Percentage
4,900 30
16,800 40
35,700 49
120,400 57
252,400 64

Update fees are non-discountable. (Dealer discounts DO NOT apply to version upgrades. However they do apply to increases in the number of users).

Trade Ins

Trade In Policy and Examples

The Trade In Policy handles increases in the number of users, which may or may not occur along with other changes to the license such as the BR release or platform.

Business Rules! releases are numbered with decimal fractions. For the purpose of pricing only the first decimal position is significant. So, for example, there would be no charge associated with moving from release 4.20 to 4.29.

Business Rules Corp gives full value for BR trade-ins of releases that have not expired. New pricing releases of Business Rules! are produced on an average of once every two years. When a release becomes superseded by two releases, an 18 month notice of obsolescence is published to the community in an annual report to developers. After the 18 month period has expired no trade-in allowance is given for upgrades of that release.

Pricing Examples

1) One Level Upgrade plus Five User Increase

Changing from: To:
8 User 13 User
4.2 4.3

Level upgrades are processed before user increases.

Level Upgrade

$ 150.00 for an 8 user upgrade one level

Increase Number of Users

$1650.00 for new 13 user Windows license

- $1300.00 for new 8 user license being traded in

$ 350.00 retail user increase cost

X .51 apply a 49% dealer discount (percent calculated here)

$ 178.50 discounted price

And so, $150 + $178 becomes a Total Cost of $378.50

2) Platform Change and User Increase

Changing from: To:
8 User 13 User
4.2 4.2

Increase Number of Users

$1750.00 for new 13 user Linux license

- $1300.00 for new 8 user license being traded in

$ 450.00 retail user increase cost

X .43 apply a 57% dealer discount

$ 193.50 discounted price

But because Platform Changes have a minimum cost of $ 200.00, the Total Cost is $ 200.00

Note – Full trade-in allowance is given for approximately five years. See the above policy statement for details.

Platform Changes

All platform changes are subject to a $200 minimum license fee. When you change platforms and your price after discount is below $200, this fee minimum is applied. However, if you add users or upgrade versions while you change platforms, you may avoid this fee minimum.

Other Products

Four User Developer CopyNC

(3.9+ For all platforms)

Demonstration Model$100

(To give to prospects)

Hourly Support$125

($80 Minimum)


A Restocking Fee of 20% is charged when you cancel an order for a new serial number after the order has been processed and delivered. The same applies when a new order needs to be reprocessed as a trade-in.


Support Policy

We review each dealer's ten year purchase history and adjust discount levels accordingly. Your annual maintenance invoice will indicate your ten year purchase volume, according to our records, through September of each year. And it will indicate your corresponding discount level.

Dealers are charged for an entire year irrespective of when they elect to subscribe. If you wait until November to subscribe you will still be charged for an entire year. So it pays to subscribe early and receive the benefits for the entire year.

Renewal forms for support contracts will be mailed out in November, and you will have up to 60 days to fill them in and submit them.

Hourly Support

Hourly support is available for $125 per hour.

Order Form

Download and fill out this form to make an order. Email the completed form to

Free Personal Use License

We offer a Business Rules! License which is free for personal non-commercial use.

Free multi-user licenses for educational instituions are also available from Business Rules Corp.
Contact to obtain one for your instituion.