ScreenIO is an expression engine that uses the FileIO Library to allow you to create and edit screen objects quickly and dynamically in an event driven manner, similar to VB.NET. It simplifies adding screen elements, such as buttons and listviews to legacy as well as current programs, and thereby substantially reduces the time it takes to modernize programs and design screens. In essence, ScreenIO converts BR from a "command line / program statement" language into a "drag and drop event driven" development facility.

Since ScreenIO employs the advanced programming tools- FileIO, Lexi, and an external editor such as MyEditBR, it is best that a programmer learn to utilize these tools before advancing to ScreenIO. That way a thorough understanding of all elements of the ScreenIO technology will be understood when using it. Free ScreenIO trials and tutorials are available from SageAX.

In the screenshot below, you can see ScreenIO's capabilities. The tools in the top left set attributes for the screen. The field list uses a FileIO-style file layout to display all the parts of your data file. Double clicking these will put a caption and field onto the screen.

Items in the Toolbox found in the bottom left corner allow you to add elements with just a click.

Re-positioning screen elements is controlled by simple keystrokes. The ScreenIO grid let's you move items and visually check their appearance without having to touch the supporting code.

The To Do list below the Editor displays problems to fix in order for your screen to function optimally.

In this example, Customer Zip has been clicked to display the dropdown menu which allows you to set the field's attributes.