Free Resources

BR Wiki

The BR Wiki is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for information related to Business Rules! It includes detailed descriptions of all commands , statements , error codes , attributes and more. It also includes documentation for third party software tools written in BR.


The BR Forum lets programmers connect and discuss issues and solutions. If you've got a tough question about BR, chances are someone here will be able to help you with it.

FTP Site

The FTP Site allows you to download Business Rules! and other necessary files and utilities. Once you have downloaded BR, you will need to have a license file in order to run it. A free license for personal use is available Personal Use License.


FileIO is a highly rated library that uses plain text file layouts to simplify field references within data records, and to automatically implement changes to file layouts. It can be found, along with documentation, on the BR Wiki . Once you define your file layouts in ASCII text files, FileIO will parse through your layouts and instruct your programs how to read each data file, so that you don’t have to change each program when your layouts change. It will also detect when you make changes to a file layout and update the data files automatically. Finally, it contains a DataCrawler that you can use to examine the contents of any of your BR data files in a raw format, along with many other file IO related utility functions. FileIO has been provided for free from Sage AX.


FnSnap is a user contributed library of utility functions written in BR. The library "fnsnap.dll" is a BR program that can be used by simply calling the functions contained within it, or the functions can be copied from the library and merged into other programs. As is the case for all library functions, the calling program must establish linkage to the called functions via a library statement. The functions are documented by comments within the library itself (as well as on the wiki and in a PDF), and are designed to simplify file management, screen processing, window maintenance, printing and archiving reports, as well as dealing with special calculations such as whether a date is a business date or legal holiday, or what week of the year a particular date is.

More information can be found on the BR Wiki, and FnSnap itself is available at the FTP site. Since Brg_pub is an ad hoc collection of user created functions and several library files have been contributed, you will want to download the file named and extract fnsnap.dll from it.

FnSnap is also quite useful for programmers who have been through the tutorials and are ready to learn more about how BR can be applied. Intermediate programmers would do well to at least review the FnSnap documentation.