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Auto (AU)

Automatically generates program line numbers for program entry.


The Break command causes the program to go into step mode when a variable value changes, or the specified line number is encountered.

Clear (CL)

Deletes a program and data from memory and/or closes any active procedure files.

Del (DE)

Deletes one or more lines from a program.


The Display command shows the value of individual variable(s) or all variables, after any changes, plus the line number associated with the change(s)

List (LIS)

Displays some or all lines of the program currently in memory; optionally searches for and replaces a specified string with a new string.

Merge (ME)

Takes lines of code from a specified program and adds them to the program currently in memory.

Renum (RENU)

Moves and/or renumbers program lines.

Edit (ED)

Modifies a program in a third party Editor.

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