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The Del (DE) command deletes one or more lines from the program currently loaded in memory.

Comments and Examples

At least one line number must follow the DEL command. The system will delete the specified line or, if two line numbers are indicated, it will delete both lines and all lines in between.

The following example deletes lines 30-70:

DEL 30 70


DEL <first line number> [<last line number>]


1) Delete only the specified line.


DEL requires the 1st line number parameter, which is either the single line number you wish to delete, or the first line number of a range of lines you wish to delete.

To delete a range of lines you must also use the last line number parameter. This is the number of the last line you wish to delete.

Technical Considerations

To open up all the storage space that deleted lines take up, save the file in source and reload it. This allows you to reclaim approximately 100 bytes of object code for every seven deleted lines.