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See Programming in Jungles.


The built in XML exporting engine of MediaWiki works great for creating XML files.

For example, this will export all the error codes:


The simplest way to keep PDF copies of wiki pages is to print them as PDF's directly from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome). For example:

1. Go to the page you want. We'll use the Error Codes page. Selecting pages that contain entire categories is the most efficient way to do this.

3. On the main menu of your browser, select "File"->"Print".

4. Select Printer "PDF Printer," or it may say "Save to PDF".

5. Select page numbers and other options as needed.

6. Click "Save".

Other PDF Options

Mediawiki also provides extensions which will let you download PDF copies of pages. These options are currently being researched, since the links don't work right now.


Exporting of categories, (as opposed to articles) to PDF seems to work much better than individual pages.