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The following syntax may be inserted where the "field- spec" parameter appears in the main diagram for full screen processing statements, including INPUT FIELDS, INPUT SELECT, RINPUT FIELDS, RINPUT SELECT.


ROW, COLUMN, {<numeric form spec>|<string form spec>|<PIC(<pic spec>}[<field length>] [.<fraction length>] [, <attributes>] [;...]


1) Fraction length = 0.
2) Maximum DIM length.
3) Use current attributes.


If the "string-expr" or "MAT string-array" parameters are used to specify the Field Spec definition, each must include the same elements identified below:

The "row" parameter is a required integer value that indicates the row number on the screen or in the window where the data is to be entered.

The "column" parameter is a required integer value that indicates the starting column number on the screen where data is to be entered.

As of 4.30, ROW/COL and ROWS/COLS in FIELDS operations may be expressed as decimal fractions.

The next set of parameters specifies the format type of the data to be entered. There are three possible routes. In the top route, "num form-spec" represents a numeric format specification. G, GL, GU, GZ, L, N, and NZ are all valid in this position; the specification must be followed by a space. The "field-length" parameter, which is an integer value that identifies the length (including decimal point and decimal positions) of the field, comes next. If the field contains decimal positions, "fraction" should identify how many there are; this parameter must be separated from the field length by a period (no spaces).

In the middle route, "string form-spec" represents a string format specification. C, CC, CR, CL, CU, G, GL, GU, GZ, V, VL and VU are all valid in this position. If "field length" is used, it must be separated from the format spec by a space. As of 4.3 #G can be used to process numeric data from a string.

In the bottom route, the "PIC" specification allows you to specify a picture of the field to be input. See PIC for a list of the characters that may be used in the "(pic-spec)" portion of this parameter. FMT can also be used in this place.

A special string format specification called PICTURE rows/cols is also valid where string field specifications are permitted.

In the place of PIC, #PIC, #FMT or Text could be used. #PIC and #FMT allow numeric data from a string to be used, while Text forms a text box for input (as of 4.3).

See Field specifications and Format specifications for additional information about all the format specifications listed in this section.

The "attributes" parameter represents an insertable syntax that identifies the appearance and control attributes that are to be used for the field. See Attribute (Screen) for details. Additionally, fonts can be controlled at the field level by assigning them to attribute substitution letters as in:

CONFIG ATTRIBUTE [J],font=ariel,slant,max

This specifies ariel italics maximum size.