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The GoTo statement transfers program control to a specified line number or label.

The GOTO statement not be executed from the command line. Error 1011 (Illegal immediate statement) will occur if such usage is attempted. Instead try go line number.


GOTO <line ref>

Comments and Examples

In the following example, line 320 transfers control to line number 45:

00045 start: !
00050 let a = 1
00060 let a += 1
00320 GOTO 45

The above example could be rewritten to use a label instead of a line number to transfer control. In the next example, where the GOTO points to a line label, control is transferred to the first executable statement after the label:

00045 start: !
00050 let a = 1
00060 let a += 1
00320 GOTO start


GOTO has one required parameter: the Line=ref can be either a line number or label. This is the line number or label that program control is to be transferred to.

Technical considerations

  1. See the ON GOTO statement for a method of branching to one of several lines depending on the value of a numeric expression.