Installing Lexi

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BR programs are much easier and faster to edit if you're using an External Editor, such as MyEditBR, that has Lexi installed. Lexi is a BR lexical pre-processor which allows you to edit programs without line numbers.

Lexi can be installed in MyEditBR with these simple steps:

  1. ) Download LEXI from SageAX.
  2. ) Unzip into "C:\Lexi". You must use this directory in order for the automatic installation to work.
  3. ) Copy your own brserial.dat file into this directory (C:\Lexi).
  4. ) Launch MyEdit.
  5. ) Select Tools -> Configure User Tools from the menu, and click the Import Tools button. Select the "Lexi.mut" file that came in

Installing Lexi in Notepad++.

Installing Lexi in Sublime.