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See also Option (disambiguation).

These are some of the Options you can use in the BRConfig.sys file. Most may also be enabled by use of a Config Option statement. Most can be disabled with a Config Option [number] Off statement.

These can be used within a BR program, for example:

00010 Execute "Config Option 1"

Or can be set at the time of BR32.exe launch by a line being placed in BRConfig.sys like:

Option 37

Option Description Supports
Config Option X Off
INVP Normal input of commas and periods is interchanged in PIC, N, NZ, L, G and GZ format specifications to support European- style numbers. (From INPUT FIELDS)
1 FORM A*C 10, default to 1 if A<1 Yes (4.18+)
2 keyboard values less than 0x20 not ignored Yes (4.18+)
3 set print flags
4 pads to record length for display out if EOL=NONE Yes (4.18+)
5 default to ISAM (index type 4). The normal default is BTREE (index type 7)
6 keep path=0 defaults to change to path when exiting BR same as when entered, as in UNIX
7 use old style syntax checking of IF statements Yes (4.18+)
8 use old style loop counter for keyboard - 2nd Option on break
11 don't clear unreferenced variable Yes (4.18+)
13 sets the number of milli-seconds for scancodes wait e.g Option 13 200 (this number can be incremented by 20 till it reaches 400)
14 allow multiple locks on same record from duplicate opens, for same file opened twice at same station Yes (4.18+)
15 suppress indentation of comment continuation Yes (4.18+)
16 omit display of loaded file name Yes (4.18+)
17 don't consolidate 4205 error codes Yes (4.18+)
18 BR ignores any century value - where century is omitted from the date Yes (4.18+)
19 subtract one from dates after 2/2000 for SCO pre version 5
21 make date$(0) yield 12/31/1899 Yes (4.18+)
22 The system will automatically create new indexes in BTREE2 format and will keep track of which files utilize BTREE2 indexes. It will audit and if needed rebuild
23 make IOERRs not move file pointer forward to next record. BR will advance the record pointer when a successful read I/O operation occurs, even when a CONV (conversion) error takes place during the read operation. This Option lets the IOERR exit condition occur only when the record pointer is not advanced Yes (4.18+)
24 disable X attributes during SELECT. Prior to BR version 3.9, this Option had a different meaning. Originally, Option 24 specified that a file should be freed and recreated when opened REPLACE to avoid a NOVELL failure to truncate the file. But BR *now* automatically truncates. If it can't for some reason, THEN it will remove the file and recreate it. Effective with BR 3.9+, Option 24 suppresses the recognition of the "X" attribute during INPUT SELECT operations. BR versions prior to 3.9 operated this way by default - without the Option - even though the documentation indicated that X applies to SELECT operations. Yes (4.18+)
25 make file$(0) be CON: (if in Windows) Yes (4.18+)
26 suppresses the creation of .BAK files during Replace Yes (4.18+)
27 Ignore Invalid Y2K Key Data (err 4120) Yes (4.18+)
28 Force all CONFIG PRINTER statements to specify a printer. Yes (4.18+)
29 Save programs as .WB files. (Default is .BR) Yes (4.18+)
30 server side printing for client-server. Yes (4.18+)
31 suppress native windows printing; treat WIN:/ as direct printing Yes (4.18+)
32 Supress notification of error 6245, which indicates an invalid or unsupported (by BR) escape sequence has been printed during Native Windows Printing. Yes (4.18+)
33 ( 30 31 32 64 ) (default is 31) Record locking for large file support. The problem addressed by this Option was that BR doesn't actually lock records, but locks a byte corresponding to each record in a zone way beyond the actual file. The filespace doesn't really have to exist to allow locking. This permits ODBC and other report writers to access locked records. BR also uses this zone to arbitrate the types of Open allowed. With BR 3.9, some file sizes were growing into the zone, and records were being locked inadvertently.
  • Option 33 30 1GB maximum bytes in a data file.
  • Option 33 31 (The default 2GB limit)
  • Option 33 32 (4GB Limit)
  • Option 33 64 Turns on 64 bit locking
34 sends print screen images to PRN:/10 instead of PRN:/SELECT. Yes (4.18+)
35 Honor keepalive timeout (no longer available) Yes (4.18+)
36 Enables the cursor during INPUT SELECT This Option is needed for some hand held scanners that do not have the ability to display in reverse image. Yes (4.18+)
37 With versions 4.14+, BR returns: FKEY value of 116 when exiting a field with right arrow.

With OPTION 37 on BR returns an FKEY value of 104 which is the same as the down arrow. This (104) is how BR worked previously.

Yes (4.18+)
38 This suppresses an error caused by specification of an N in the trailing attribute position. This Option is provided only for legacy purposes. Yes (4.18+)
39 Suppresses the automatic right alignment of labels ending with a colon. Yes (4.18+)
40 Show hot text as buttons by default. Normally hot text does not appear as a button unless the fkey value is preceded with a B. This Option can be selectively overridden by preceding the fkey value with an H. Yes (4.18+)
41 Ignore GUI statements when they are encountered in non-GUI mode. Yes (4.18+)
42 Suppress automatic drive mapping during Windows shell calls. Yes (4.18+)
43 INPUT SELECT changes fields before returning control; use old style Input Select with respect to setting CURFLD to the NXTFLD value when a selection is made. Yes (4.18+)
44 Make the mouse wheel produce the same result as the arrow keys when control is returned to a program via the E, L or X field attributes. Without this Option, the mouse wheel returns Fkey results of 124/125 (up arrow/down arrow). With this Option it returns 102/104 during INPUT FIELDS and 105/106 during INPUT SELECT operations (normal arrow key responses). Note: Option 44 is NOT needed to use the mouse wheel. It only pertains to Fkey results with E, X or L. Yes (4.18+)
45 Allows the old method of extended field specification in addition to the new method. Yes (4.18+)
46 Normalizes numpad + and - keys. This removes Field Plus / Minus special processing, which is no longer needed with Datahilite field clearing. Yes (4.18+)
47 Enable the continued use of PRINTER= in OPEN statements. Yes (4.18+)
48 Note- OPTION 48 functionality was changed in version 4.2.

If OPTION 48 is not specified, ENTER will return an FKEY value of zero and a double-click will return any FKEY value assigned to the field. Use OPTION 48 only to have the ENTER key return any FKEY value assigned to the field.

Yes (4.2+)
49 Use relative path for spool file name passed in SPOOLCMD. Yes (4.18+)
50 Suppress theme usage for text controls. This enables the Windows classical look under XP. Yes (4.18+)
51 Reuse deleted records for all files. This is an old unpublished and untested Option for re-use deleted records during WRITE operations. Deleted records will be RE-USED, and then lost permanently. Yes (4.18+)
52 Enable the second click of a double click operation to produce its own interrupt with FKey value 201. Yes (4.18+)
53 Allow mouse positioning inside a field other than the current field. Without this Option clicking anywhere in a non-current active input field will process it as though the field were entered via the arrow keys. Yes (4.18+)
54 Exit BR! at any console command prompt with a message box showing program name and line number:clause. Waiting for input by a program has no affect.
55 Some fixed width fonts have characters that aren't exactly the same width as the other characters. This can present column alignment problems. This option slows down printing slightly, but positions each character individually instead of streaming the data to the printer and letting the the data self align. Yes (4.18+)
56 Srch return -1 instead of 0 when no match is found.
57 Clear Fkeys of inactive Q combo box fields. Yes (4.18+)
58 On FnKey has been disabled in 4.20+ (use On FKey instead), however this option restores recognition of FnKey . Yes (4.20+)
59 Make CurCol (not NxtCol) work the old way: use cursor position instead of field start for CURROW/COL ???
60 allows 4.2 to edit and save programs while maintaining 4.18 compatible formatting so that 4.18 can still run those programs. If this is used you may not utilize 4.2 features. NO
61 Do not Map a Drive if not explicitly defined by DRIVE statements BRConfig.sys
62 Use Draw Line Border Specification (Otherwise report error!).
63 Allow INPUT SELECT to input data; INPUT SELECT "Reads Data", We should use INPUT FIELDS W=with ^LABEL instead!
64 15 Allows max network delay for passing data to client.
65 Ignore ON ATTN statements.
66 The secret key to be used for encryption.
67 Data Hilite on every INPUT FIELDS statement.
68 Prevent stretching printed fonts. Yes
69 ignore file closing errors during end or chain Yes?
  • Same as Option 54 (exits on any command console prompt) but allows Relaxed parameter to allow for some debugging.
  • 4.32+ ON SOFLOW IGNORE overrides line error handlers as in previous versions
* Yes and Relaxed (4.30+)
71 Prevent auto complete for editable combo boxes (added in 4.32 ish) Yes?
72 Prevent auto complete for select combo boxes. (added in 4.32 ish) Yes?
73 Treat IGNORE as a label reference for line level error handlers Yes?
74 Adds the WSID to the temporary edit file names. (added in 4.3) Yes
97 set network retries per second (default is 5)
98 turn OFF check for all NULL in read / writes
99 turn ON check for all NULL in read / writes