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Comparing BR and Pascal

BR! Pascal
"string literal" 'string literal - single quotes must be used. double quotes do not work'
& (concatenate) in BR "dave"&"tom" works fine in Pascal this is 'dave''tom'
chr$(xx) #xx
SRep$ StringReplace
Memo1.Text := StringReplace( Memo1.Text,'number1','Text1',[rfReplaceAll]);
! // Comments are enclosed in either braces or parentheses followed by a star or C++ style comments, which can span to the end of the line.
  • {this is a comment}
  • (* this is another comment *)
  • // this is a comment up to the end of the line
len() length()
Open #1:"name=test,replace",d,o
Print #1: "Test this line"
Close #1:
SaveStringToFile('test', 'Test this line', False);
Free filename DeleteFile(filename)