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The Print Border (PR B) statement is used to specify the caption on the top of the BR main window.

In early versions, PRINT BORDER was used to specify a border and caption for a window which has been opened OUTIN. Now border and caption are specified in OPEN WINDOW statements.


PRINT [#<window number>,] BORDER {"B|D|H|S|CORNERS|8 CHARS} [<attributes>]"|<string expression>} : {"{<|>}<title>"|<string expression>}


  1. N (normal).
  2. No caption.
  3. Center caption.


The required "wind-num" parameter references a window file that has already been opened by an OPEN window statement.

The "BORDER" keyword is used to identify the characteristics of the new window border. There are two main ways to specify these characteristics: with the "string-expr" parameter, or by specifying the border type and its attributes in a quoted string. If used, the value of the "string-expr" parameter must include all the same elements that appear in the quoted string.

The first portion of the quoted string must include one of six types of border specifications. Four of these specifications have been pre-designed:

"B" indicates that the border has a black line;
"D" used to indicate a double-line border (now available only with Option 62 in BRconfig.sys);
"H" indicates that a shadowed or highlighted border be used (now available only with Option 62 in BRconfig.sys);
and "S" indicates that a single-lined, sunken border be used.

"Corners" and "8 chars" border specifications may be used for custom-designed window borders. See Screen I/O for illustrations and more information about border types and border graphics specifications. However, as of 4.3, Border=H and "8 chars" are no longer supported except with a new OPTION 62, which permits S, D, B, H or an eight character string followed by a colon and then attributes. For example:


While the colon is actually optional, it is recommended for readability when attributes are included.

The second portion of the quoted string is a list of the "attributes" that should be used for the border. See Attribute (Screen) for the correct syntax. The PRINT BORDER statement accepts S (drop-shadow) as an attribute when the specified window was originally opened with the S attribute. Error 0868 results when use of the S attribute is attempted for a window originally opened without it. See "S Attribute" in the BRConfig.sys Specification section for more information.

After the border definition comes a required colon and, optionally, a new caption to be printed in the top border of the window. The new caption may be identified either by a quoted string or by a "string expression".

The two elements in the quoted string are an optional directional symbol and the actual text, or "title", to be printed. The less-than (<) symbol specifies flush left text and the greater-than (>) symbol specifies flush right text. When no symbol is specified, the text is centered.

Technical Considerations

  1. Unix / Linux terminals - See Terminal Considerations for special considerations for Unix / Linux terminals when used with windows.