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The bottom line on a BR screen that gives information about the current program and mode running. The areas are mode, message area, Error Code, line number, program name, procedure status, BR license serial number, and cursor position by row and column number.


Tells which Mode BR is currently in, including RUN, PAUSE, ATTN, STEP, INPUT, etc.

Message Area

The message area portion of the status line (columns 9- 37) contains information about what action is required from the programmer or operator in a particular situation.

Program Name

The program name portion of the status line (columns 49-56) displays the last eight characters of the name of the currently executing program.

Procedure Status

The procedure status portion of the status line (columns 58-59) displays information about the currently active procedure file. A "P" followed by a number that represents the nested level of the currently active procedure will appear in this position whenever a procedure or sub-procedure is being executed. When a program calls a procedure, or when a procedure is initiated with the PROC]] command, "P1" is displayed. If that procedure then calls another procedure, "P2" is displayed, and so on. When no procedure file is running this portion of the status line is blank.

Serial Number

The serial number portion of the status line (columns 61-69) always displays the serial number of the Business Rules system in use.

Row and Column / Release Number

On Windows versions of Business Rules, the row and column numbers of the cursor's current location appear in the ninth field (columns 75-79). The row number is displayed first, then a colon and the column number.

On Unix / Linux versions of Business Rules! (columns 76-79) display the Business Rules release number.