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A Graphic User Interface or GUI refers to the user interface and not what goes on behind the scenes.

GUI is commonly considered to include at least one or more of the following widgets:

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GUI Mode

GUI mode can be turned off using the command


which is the 'old' style of programming in BR, where both the command line and the running program are found in the same console, or screen. It allows Print to screen and Linput. The biggest difference is that GUI controls will not function (your program might not even run). And when the program is running correctly, the command console is not visible until CTRL-A is hit or an error is reached.

In GUI mode on, the command line and any Listing or program editing occurs in the command console, while the program runs in the GUI console, which is what the end user will see. Running a program that was designed before GUI was implemented with GUI ON may have the following problems: child windows now cover parent windows completely, print to screen and linput will not show in the GUI console and proportional fonts may change the screen's appearance.

Using various Options will aid in running older programs in the GUI console.

GUI Mode ON Fkey values

When GUIMODE is on, Fkey values may be assigned to controls either by PRINT or INPUT statements. If they are assigned with PRINT statements, they need not be specified in corresponding INPUT statements in order to be active. However, in order to clear them an Fkey value of minus one (-1) must be specified in either a PRINT or INPUT statement for the control.

When GUIMODE is on, a single click on a hot text field that is part of an active INPUT FIELDS statement will not trigger an FKEY interrupt, but it will cause the cursor to move to that field. If it is double clicked, focus is moved to the control and then the specified Fkey interrupt is generated.

Labels and inactive text fields with Fkey values assigned will continue to trigger an Fkey interrupt when they are single or double clicked.

The appearance of PRINTed sunken fields has been improved.

Input Fields

In an Input Fields statement to specify the color attributes of an inactive field you must set the attribute "[ INACTIVE]" i.e.

00200 execute "config attribute [ INACTIVE]N/#0000FF:#FFFFFF,font=SWISS:MEDIUM"


  • TABs do not switch in response to PRINT FIELDS.
  • DIR reports true filename case.

HOT Controls

All controls appear active when hot (fkey value assigned).

Protected Fields

Protected fields using Windows colors are now displayed as [ inactive], not as background.


01500 PRINT FIELDS "nn,nn,GRID 10/40,ATTR": (mat start, mat end, mat attr$)

Overrides the attributes of a range of cells/rows for a GRID/LIST display. This allows you to shade or otherwise alter the display of a range of cells / rows in a 2D control.

AEX and P are now supported in HEADERS column attributes. This applies this attribute to ALL cells in the column.


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